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  Research Interests

  The majority of my lectures, seminars and publications are focused on language (Arabic and Berber), gender and cultural studies, education, migration and sustainable development. In 2003, I participated in the creation of the Moroccan Fulbright Alumni Association. In 1998, I helped in the founding of the Center for Research and Studies on Women, at the University of Fès, Morocco. In 1997, I started together with F. Sadiqi the first MA course in Gender Studies at this University. In 1999, we opened the first PhD programme on Gender Studies. In the early 1980s, I helped to develop linguistics courses at the university. Together with a number of linguists, I helped set up The Linguistic Research Group  of Fes in 1982 and graduate programs on linguistics and gender studies.

I have successfully organized many international conferences on civil society, women and education, sustainable development, linguistics, and I have actively participated in seminars and conferences in Europe, the USA, Africa and the Arab world. In 2005, I published my book titled Multilingualism, Cultural Identity and Education in Morocco (New York: Springer). In 2004, I published, in co-authorship with F. Sadiqi, A Grammar of Amazigh (Publications of the Faculty of Letters, Fès). In the same year, I published A Grammar of Moroccan Arabic, in co-authorship with A.Makhoukh, H. Es-saiydy, M. Moubtassime and S.Slaoui.

I now finishing a book on Migration and Gender in collaboration with F. Sadiqi. I have recently  done research on the evolution of social policy in Morocco, within the research programme of the United Nations Research Institute for Development (UNRISD). It will be published as a chapter in a book edited by Val Moghadam.

I am also the author of dozens of articles published in national and international specialized journals and newspapers in English, French and Arabic. In 1997, I was editor of Berber Sociolinguistics in the Maghreb, published by the International Journal of the Sociology of Language, Mouton de Gruyter. In 1995, I was editor of another special issue of this journal on Sociolinguistics in Morocco (Mouton, The Hague). In 1991, I edited Maghreb Sociolinguistics published by the same journal. In addition, I am active in Moroccan civil society; I am currently vice-president of Fes-Saiss Association, one of the big foundations in the country. In 2002, I was the director of the international conference on “civil society and sustainable development”. In 2003, I was co-ordinator of the international conference on “Mediterranean Women”. In 2004, I was the director of the international conference on “Migration and Cultural Diversity”, all of these conference were held by Fes-Saiss Association.

I am also interested in sociolinguistics; in this area of research, I wrote a substantial number of articles and edited three issues of Professor Joshua Fishman’s International Journal of the Sociology of Language published by Mouton: Maghreb Sociolinguistics (1991), Sociolinguistics in Morocco (1995) and Berber Sociolinguistics (1997). My third research area is English language teaching. I have contributed to this field with a number of interesting publications, the most important of which appeared in the proceedings of Moroccan university conferences or in the proceedings of the conferences organised by the Moroccan Association of Teachers of English (MATE).



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