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  Sociolinguistics of the Maghreb

    The subjects dealt with in this issue reflect faithfully the sociolinguistic changes that postcolonial Maghreb has undergone as a result of the effects of such important factors as the spread of education, Arabization, language diversity and modernity. There is no article on Mauritania and Libya simply because I could not get any response from the sociolinguists of these countries.

    This IJSL issue on the Maghreb aims primarily at studying and presenting the perspectives of a linguistic community which has its own sociolinguistic and sociocultural features and concerns. I admit that any one perspective could be expanded into a book. It is hoped that this issue will stimulate such efforts and will further both systematic inquiry and scientific research on the Maghreb.

    Most of the articles in this issue suggest directly or indirectly that none of the sociolinguistic problems Arabization, Arabic-French bilingualism, etc. can find a real solution unless there is an awareness, on the part of the language planners and people at large, of the different functions and domains of the existing languages in the Maghreb. Without this understanding, multilingualism may be looked upon as a handicap rather than as a source of enrichment.



   Details on the book:

  Title: Sociolinguistics of the Maghreb
  Editor: Moha Ennaji
  Publisher: Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter
  Publication year: 1991
  Issue 87 of the International Journal of the Sociology of Language





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