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  Migration and Gender in Morocco

    While this book focuses on the issue of migration and gender in Morocco, it discusses gender issues, particularly the situation of the women left behind by male migrants. The book is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter reviews the theories of migration as a worldwide phenomenon and the gender issues involved therein. Chapter 2 concerns itself with theories of women-headed households. Chapter 3 deals with the socioeconomic and political context in Morocco. Chapter 4 presents the social situation of women and their different categories in Morocco.

    Chapter 5 is an overview of Moroccan international migration and a review of the literature on the topic. Chapter 6 offers a general profile of migrants, their various characteristics, and further the chapter discusses the evolution of international migration to the European Union countries. Chapter 7 deals with the migration intentions  of Moroccans; the causes, impetus, and the consequences of migration on Moroccan society. The final section, Chapter 8, which is based on our data collection and analysis of the findings, presents the methodology adopted and discusses the results of the fieldwork; this chapter also deals with attitudes toward migration and the implications for the women left behind.


   Details on the book:

  Title: Migration and Gender in Morocco
  Author: Moha Ennaji & Fatima Sadiqi
  Publication year: 2008
  Publisher: The Red Sea Press, USA





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