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  Migration et Diversité Culturelle

    Edited by Professor Moha ENNAJI, this book in 202 pages, comprises a series of chapters in French and English. It was published with the assistance of the World Organization for Migration. European, American and Maghrebi researchers have participated in this collection that explores various aspects of migration in cultural and social terms. They discuss ways in which a comprehensive and integrated approach to the migration issue can emphasize the human and socio-economic dimension.
The subjects discussed in this book are:
-Migration in the Mediterranean: Challenges and prospects
-Migration, Gender and Social Reform
-South-North migration, integration and Euro-Maghreb Relations
-Attitudes towards Mediterranean countries migration
- Migration in the Maghreb
- Migration, media and cultural diversity


   Details on the book:

  Title: Migration et Diversité Culturelle
  Author: Moha Ennaji
  Publication year: 2007





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