Multilingualism, Cultural Identity, and Education in Morocco


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Edited by Moha Ennaji

One of the main objectives of this edited book is to discuss ways to integrate multiculturalism in development and the consolidation of democracy, an integrative approach that emphasizes human and social dimension, because at the heart of the matter of culture is a human and socio-economic dimension.

The book aims to open new avenues of thought and other prospects to move to another phase of the debate on di versity that would link policy based on cultural difference to democratic culture and to social justice.

The aim is also to deepen knowledge about the culture of Islam and its intersections with the West, and to contribute to the dialogue of civilizations and to the recognition of the contribution of Islam and Muslims to democracy and peace in the world.

he authors debate themes such as democracy, diversity, secularism, and Islam which integrate the social, economic, cultural, and political aspects of multiculturalism and interrogate the theories, methods and practices of multiculturalism and democracy.

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