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  A Grammar Of Moroccan Arabic










    This book is a descriptive grammar of Moroccan Arabic from a broad perspective of generative linguistics. We have avoided as much as possible the technicalities associated with theory, and attempted to simplify the terminology and the description because we target primarily undergraduate and graduate students of linguistics, and the general reader who is particularly interested in the structure of Moroccan Arabic.

     In this book, we study important phonological, morphological, and syntactic phenomena of the variety of Moroccan Arabic spoken in the areas of Fès and Meknès. To satisfy this aim, the book covers a wide range of empirical data. It does not attempt to offer an exhaustive survey of the structures of Moroccan Arabic, however, as it would be the case in the excellent tradition of Classical Arabic grammarians such as Sibawayhi or Ibnu Jinni, to name but two. Our aim is to provide the reader with a coherent and systematic approach to the structures of Moroccan Arabic.



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   Details on the book:

  Title: A Grammar Of Moroccan Arabic
  Authors: Moha Ennaji, Ahmed Makhoukh, Hassan Es-saiydy, Mohamed Moubtassime, Souad Slaoui.
  Publisher: Imprimerie de Fédala, Mohammedia.
  Publication year: 2004


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