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  Linguistics and English Literature in Maghreb Universities: Facts and Prospects

     This volume is a collection of types of papers delivred at the Maghrebi conference organized by thye departement of English Language and Literature, at the Faculty of Arts, Fès on the theme: "Linguistics and English literature in Maghrebi Universities: Facts and Prospects".

    The aims of the conference were two-fold. First it was meant to allow English teachers and academics at the University level in Maghreb to exchange views and experiences in the fields of literature and linguistics. Second, the conference aimed to give an opportunity to colleagues undertaking research in various disciplines to present their latest researches, and enrich the scientific and academic debate related to the areas concerned.

    This book is a valuable contribution to the fields and subfields of linguistics and literature, and to the teaching of English as a foreign language in Maghrebi universities, hence its relevance for researchers in linguistics (theorical and applied) and literature (British, American and African literatures).


   Details on the book:

  Title: Linguistics and English Literature in Maghreb Universities: Facts and Prospects.
Coordinator: Moha Ennaji
Publisher: Info-print, Fès, Morocco.
Publication year: 1998





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