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  Contrastive Syntax: English, Moroccan Arabic and Berber Complex Sentences

     This book aims at contrasting the structure of the Complex Sentence, namely relative clauses, complement clauses and coordinate sentences in English, Moroccan Arabic and Berber. The basic approach underlying the contrastive analysis conducted in this book is approximately the Standard Transformational approach.

    The book itself falls into four chapters. For ease of expostion, the introductory chapter includes a brief sociolinguistic survey of the three languages, and a brief outline of their most salient different syntactic features. Chapter two discusses in detail the relative clause, the status of the relative forms and their morphosyntax.
Chapter three concerns itself with complement clauses and how the various structures involved contrast in these languages. The purpose of the fourth chapter is to give a sketchy overview of the syntax of joined structures in English, Moroccan Arabic and Berber, and discuss in detail the main characteristics of coordination in each language. Particular attention is drawn to the semantic processes at work.

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   Details on the book:

  Title:"Contrastive Syntax: English, Moroccan Arabic and Berber Complex Sentences"
Author: Moha Ennaji
Publisher: Königshaussen and Neumann,Germany
Publication year: 2000


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