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Aspects of Violence Against Women in North Africa : Between Progress and Backlash  (2016),

Edited by Fatima Sadiqi and Moha Ennaji,

Published by ISIS Center for Women and Development, Fès, Morocco

The contributors to this book have revealed that gender-based violence is one of the most widespread violations of Human Rights.  It may include verbal threats, coercion, economic abuse, or arbitrary deprivation of freedom in both the private and public spheres. Thus, violence against women has many forms; it can be physical, sexual, or emotional, and may be caused by a husband, a partner, a family member, or another person.  Violence against women also includes sexual harassment and abuse by authority persons such as employers, the police, teachers, etc. Forced labor and trafficking are also forms of violence against women, and so are traditional practices like child marriages and honor killings.
The authors recommend that girl’s education, economic independence, and emancipation combined with activism and media can be used as tools to fight violence against women, and to address systematically family, community and state’s involvement in the right policies to fight violence against women.  They also recommend the reform of education, critical thinking, and reduction of the parity index through more schooling for girls, addressing gender equality in family, school, civil society, and use of social media to combat violence against women.





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