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Le Brassage de la culture amazighe et de la culture hassanie et leur relation avec les cultures sub-sahariennes (2016), edited by Moha Ennaji, published by the South North Center, Fès, Morocco

 This book is about the interchange of the Amazigh and Hassania cultures and their relation to Sub-Saharan Africa. It shows that both Amazigh and Hassania cultures, which are pillars of cultural diversity in Morocco and the Maghreb, have a great impact on the lifestyle of the population and on the customs and traditions of the whole society. This interchange between the different aspects of Moroccan and Maghrebi culture has created a symbiosis and a remarkable cultural wealth that characterizes today's region.
The book also sheds light on the positive impact that multiculturalism in general and the Amazigh-Hassania cultural dialogue in particular can have on democracy, sustainable development, and heritage preservation.  It equally discusses the impact of these cultures on sub-saharan cultures and societies which have many similarities and carry the values ​​of peace, dialogue and social cohesion.






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