Multilingualism, Cultural Identity, and Education in Morocco


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Muslim Moroccan Migrants in Europe













Edited By Moha Ennaji

 This book of 290 pages sheds light on the situation of Moroccans living in Europe, including Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, and the UK. It offers readers a synopsis of the history of Moroccan migration to Europe, a multicultural vision of issues related to cultural diversity and immigrant integration in a perspective which is both sociological and anthropological.

The multiple issues and facets of this book make of it an important work to understand the challenges and role of Moroccan and Muslim communities in Europe. The ten chapters of this essay are organized around six major themes: the history of Moroccan migration in the old continent, the living conditions of Muslims and the phenomenon of Islamophobia, language issues and impacts of educational systems, the situation of Moroccan women living in Europe, the challenges of integration and multiple identities, and the contribution of European Moroccans in economic, political, social and cultural development.

Highlighting topics previously little studied and analyzed, the book emphasizes the significance of respecting the cultural specificities of Muslim immigrants in any debate on diversity and democracy in Europe.






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