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  Linguistic Variation: From Fatcs to Theories

     "Linguistic Variation: From Facts to Theories" was the theme of the first international lingusitics conference organized on 18-19 March 1994 by the Group de Recherches et d'Etudes Linguistiques of the Faculty of Letters 1, Fès. The major topics discussed during the conference were:
morphology and syntax
semantics and universal grammar
phonetics and phonology
language acquisition and philosophy of the language

    Linguistics from Morocco, Europe, America, the Maghreb and the Middle East particpated in this conference. The 33 papers presented at the conference were of a high academic standard, and the discussion were fruitful enriching to both students and researchers.


   Details on the book:

  Title:"Linguistic Variation: From Facts to Theories"
Edited by: Moha Ennaji
Publisher: Info-print, Fès, Morocco.
Publication year: 2000









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