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The Amazigh language in education and media














Edited by: Moha Ennaji

This book aims to attract the attention of intellectuals,   civil society actors and policy makers on the importance of social,   cultural, geopolitical, and historical features of the Euro-   Mediterranean region.  It also aims to discuss the special status of the Amazigh language   and its integration in the fields of education and   media in the Maghreb and immigration countries.   The authors propose a scientific approach to develop and deepen   the teaching of Amazigh language and its usage in the modern media.   

The book equally discusses the outlook for the teaching of   Amazigh language and produces an assessment of the results obtained in   education and media in the Maghreb and Europe.  

It argues that migration contributes to the development of   Amazigh language and culture because the Amazigh language is taught in a few European countries and is used in the media, especially the Internet.   However, current experiences suffer from shortcomings  and are witnessing difficulties primarily related to the application  of p olicies and measures on the ground.


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